Docket Clothing Co. Ambassador Program

Overview: Here at Docket Clothing Our Goal is to Reach as Many Aspiring Influencers as Possible and Introduce them to Our Brand.

Our Aim is to Help People with a Strong Interest in Women's Fashion to Dress Better, Create Great Content and to Grow Their Social Media Audiences.

Whether You have 100 Followers or 100k Followers, We Can Provide You With a Platform to Help You Monetize Your Social Media Audiences!
What You Get for Applying
  1. 40% Off Your First Order at Docket Clothing
  2. 1 Free Offer (Just Cover Shipping Costs)
  3. Additional Free Training
What You Get for Being Accepted
  1. Access to Affiliate Dashboard to Track Activity and Sales
  2. 15%-20% Commission on Sales (Payouts are made via Paypal)
  3. Free Offers of the Month (Just Cover Shipping Costs)
  4. Exclusive Ambassador Bundles of the Month
  5. Additional Resources and Tools to Help You Grow and Succeed
Keys to Being Successful
  • Interest in Women's Fashion and Active Engagement With Docket Clothing
  • Willingness to Learn and to Grow
  • Consistent Activity On Social Media (Mainly Instagram although, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Blogs are a Huge Bonus and Can Help You to Achieve Great Results!)
  • Ability to Communicate with Us and Your Followers to Provide Valuable Feedback that will Help Us to Improve in All Aspects of Our Business
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